Presented on Azure Hackathon –Vizag



I want to thank Microsoft India for inviting me to take couple of session in one of the most beautiful city of Andhra Pradesh- Vizag. Microsoft organized a one day event for startups to encourage them to use the services offered by Microsoft Azure. I was invited to present on two topics.

Data & Analytic Services

Introduced Azure SQL Database, SQL Server and DocumentDB as the mainstream data stores in the cloud. In addition, talked about HDInsight as a big data offering on Azure. Addressed Stream Analytics as to how one can analyse data in real-time

Key Takeaway

  1. Azure provides key managed services to tackle big data and analytics
  2. provides a managed environment which is high on performance and low on latency


Solution Building Blocks

Introduce mobile services , Media Service and notification hub as a formidable backend for mobile apps. Also introduce the concept of pub-sub & tags.

Key Takeaway

  1. Ease of putting together a backend infrastructure for mobile apps
  2. Notification is designed for massive scale and works with any backend like PHP, Java, Node and .Net


I had a great time presenting on the above topics and thanks Microsoft once again for this opportunity and the lovely audience for bearing me for couple of sessions.





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