Azure Price Calculator for Azure Government is Live now!!


Azure price calculator is a great tool to estimate your budget for the resources that you’re planning to use for your Application/Environment.   As cloud computing is utility computing that means you only have to pay for what you use and for what duration like we pay for the power charges in our home so we end up paying for what we have consumed.

All the resources in Azure are billed separately and mostly with per minute billing so it becomes complex to estimate the expenses on our own. Microsoft has provided Azure Calculator with to ease of this task with a very user-friendly UI where users have the capability to define the size, time, bandwidth, Instances required and the tool will estimate your cost accordingly.  Once you’re done adding all the resources and specify their configuration, customers can export the estimates in the form of Excel.

Azure recently introduced the price calculator for the Azure Government cloud, which is  nothing but the separate Azure datacenters dedicated to the federal customers.  Azure Government  cloud is only available for US government entities only after getting a licensed partnership with Azure.


In the scenario depicted above, I have added an Azure App Service of  Basic Tier and hosted in WEST US.  The instance Size is B1 which means the server will be a 1 core machine with 1.75 GB memory and it will be charged at $0.075 hour.  Also, you can mention the no of instances that you want to deploy and it will give you the sub-total cost by simply multiplying the no of instance  * per hour billing rate * 744 hours ( 24 hours * 31 days).  Based on the calculation I will be charged $55.80/ Month.

P.S: The Estimation used above is for the Azure public and not Azure Government. Azure Government customers can see the pricing for the services similarly and the rates might vary from public Azure to Azure Government.



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