Checking For availability and running load test from Azure Application Insight

This blog post is a part of series of blog post on Application Insight. If you have not gone through them, it’s highly recommended to go through them and come back to this post later. As you have noticed, Application Insight comprises of many features to Monitor, analyse and diagnose an application and environment. One of the interesting feature of the application insight is to check for the availability of a website and generate an alert. It basically makes a ping test from one or multiple locations with a minimum interval of time that is configurable and you can set that if 1 or more locations didn’t got the http ping status of 200 then we can generate an alert. Also, it supports our traditional webtest as well by just uploading the webtest file generated from vso.


  1. Steps to setup the Availability of a site.
  2. Setup Application Insight account for you application and go the account in azure portal
  3. Click on availability tile in the essentials section.21




4.Click on Add Web test in the webtest blade.


5.Enter the details associated for the test. By default you’ll get a ping test for the availability. You can have ping from 19 data center and across different locations to make sure that your site is reachable through a region.23










6. You can also upload your webtest to run from the same data centers by just uploading your webtest file created from VSO.


Performance Load Test

Also, one of the core functionality of VSO has been migrated to Azure Application Insight and that is running performance load test on your application. In this social world, it’s very difficult to predict how much traffic can come to your application so it’s always good to run a load test and have a countable stats to know how much load can an application can sustain and if any tier of the application is breaking we can make sure that it is scalable at the time of real traffic kicks in.


Here are the steps involved to perform a load test


  • Go to Application Insight account in the azure portal and click on settings



  • Click on the performance testing
  • 12
  • Configure the Performance Load test on the application URL, location of load, no of users load and test duration to start the test.


As always you will get the results in the form of charts so that you can understand the performance of your application in the visual descriptive way.





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