Getting Started with the Application Insight with ASP.Net Application

If you are not familiar with the basics of Application Insight, I will suggest to go through the Introduction Blog first. Application insight supports variety of platforms including Web and Mobile. It’s very easy to add the application insight to your new and existing project. It comes with the inbuilt capability of providing the 360 Degree telemetry data.


Step 1 : Create a MVC Application and click on the checkbox to add Application Insights.1


Step 2 : Click on Configure settings to setup the Application Insight. You can select the resource group, set the name of the Application Insight account and location where you want to host the application Insight account.



Step 3: Click on Ok button to add the Application insight nugget package to the application, Create an application insight account on the azure portal and add the unique Instrumentation Key to the project. This Instrumentation key maintain the uniqueness of the data and the data is send to the associated app insight only.



You are all setup now to send your application insight telemetry data to the Azure Application Insight account. Deploy the application to the server or run it locally to send the telemetry data. If you are running the application locally then within couple of seconds you’ll notice a notification that your first telemetry data has been sent to the azure application insights account.



Click on Open Application insight, it will take you to the azure app insight account. You can see your telemetry data in the application insight account in the form of the analytics Charts.


Note: Application Insights is only available in the new Azure Portal


You can go through the Charts to understand the data and even dig into each request by clicking on the request. Application insight recently introduced the preview sdk of the product which include the stream service where you can see the live stream of the data following in and work on real time data analytics.



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