Presented on How to build your career in IT as an Expat

The world of work is changing. In the context of a digitally networked world, five generations work hand in hand for forecasts, support, and meaning. The new complexity demands new places, new communication, new cooperation, new (self-) leadership, new goals. The new work culture makes “purpose” the central anchor of every organization. But how does working with purpose really work? The “most interactive new work conference” addresses this question.

The event lasted for 5 days with 50+ sessions attended by 1500 Visitors over 15 locations. I got a chance to represent the expat community in Germany and guide people on they can build a career in IT as an Expat. The full agenda of the program can be found on . The event was well received by the community and I got a chance to interact with open source community.

I want to thank all the organizers and the attendees for organizing and attending the event and make it a successful one.



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