Will be in Expert Panel at Microsoft Ignite

I will be on Expert Panels at

Microsoft Ignite

Conference for next 3 days. You can Ask Me Anything on the following topics :

11:30 AM PDT – 12 :00 PDT

2020-09-22, Azure ARC

20-09-23 ,11:10 pm to 12:10 pm

Building a hybrid data platform with azure arc enabled data services

20-09-23,10:25 pm to PDT 11:25 PDT

Be prepared for what next : Kick start your journey with azure cloud migration program

020-09-23, 10:25 PM – 11:25 PM

Enterprise-grade Kubernetes on Azure

2020-09-23, 8:10PM – 9:10PM

Ask us anything on Azure Arc

2020-09-24, 4:10AM – 5:10AM

Migrate, Modernize .NET applications on Azure

As a Microsoft fan boy, I used to wait for the Microsoft Ignite every year. Finally, this year I got an opportunity to be in Expert Panel and I am very excited for it.



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