Azure Storage Failover in Azure is finally Available

For long, Storage account users has asked for the inbuilt failover strategy. Microsoft Introduced a strategy for the GRS and RA-GRS customers in preview to have a inbuilt mechanism for the failover. As you know, you will have the read only copies in the secondary data centers across multiple locations in the GRS and RA- GRS accounts. Now if the primary data center goes down or your storage account goes stale for some reason, the secondary replica will become your primary account and all the DNS mapping will be automatically mapped to the secondary account.

Before Failover 

After Failover


The following features or services are not supported for account failover for the preview release:

  • Azure File Sync does not support storage account failover.
  • Storage accounts using Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 hierarchical namespace cannot be failed over.
  • A storage account containing archived blobs cannot be failed over.
  • A storage account containing premium block blobs cannot be failed over.

Regions Supported

Account failover is currently available in these regions:

  • US West 2
  • US West Central



1) Through Portal

You can setup through the portal by going through the storage -> Geo Replication Property.


  • Azure CLI
az storage account show \ --name accountName \ --expand geoReplicationStats

az storage account failover \ --name accountName


  • PowerShell


Invoke-AzureRmStorageAccountFailover -ResourceGroupName <resource-group-name> -Name <account-name>



NOTE : As the failover service is in preview, it’s not recommended to use it It’s a very useful move to make your application more resilient and to make sure that your application will be performing even in the DA/DR scenario.



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