Presented at Global Azure BootCamp

Global Azure Bootcamp is an annual global event conducted by Microsoft and executed by the communities. It is a free one day intensive course designed to help thousands of people get up to speed

On developing Cloud Computing for Azure. This year it was held for over 250 locations across the globe and we are delighted to tell that we’re one of them. This was my straight 5th year as an organizer and speaker for the Global Azure BootCamp and also the first time with the BDotnet.

We have 6 speakers lined up for a full day event and we spoke on variety of topics like Azure Cognitive Service, Azure Functions, Azure IOT, Azure Logic Apps, Document Db and Azure CLI 2.0. Here is the agenda


More than 120 people showed up for the event which make it a full house. We were delighted to see the enthusiasm of the participants to learn azure and majority of them stayed till the last session, which was mine. I got the opportunity to present on the Azure CLI 2.0 and was happy to see that it was loved by the Audience. Here is my Slide deck for the event and a snapshot of me presenting.

I want to thank Microsoft Global Team for the Subway Catering and Microsoft India to sponsor for the Tea and Coffee that helped our participants to stay awake and focused during our event.


Thanks to Balmukund Lakhani for helping us with the Venue. Thanks to Microsoft & Usha Rathnavel for helping us with the food logistics. Thanks to the speakers – Sudhir Rawat Vic Parmar Murugan Andezuthu Dharmaratnam Mohit Chhabra Amresh Krishnamurthy. Thanks to our volunteers Aniket Prabhu & Arun Selva Kumar … Thanks to one & all who made it to the event.




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